99-92: La Penya beats MoraBanc in a great scoring duel

The Joventut he has regained confidence and in what way at the Olímpic de Badalona. If two weeks ago it went over the Baxi Manresa, this Thursday successfully surpassed the MoraBanc with a scoring recital and many minutes of spectacular play.

In this way, the green and black add pressure on San Pablo in the fight for sixth place and complicate the battle for the playoff to a MoraBanc depleted that he couldn’t extend his four-game winning streak. Now the Andorrans no longer depend on themselves in that last day of vertigo to meet the eighth passenger of this playoff.

The 47% success rate in triples and 69% in shots of two speak of the effectiveness of the green and black players who also clearly dominated in the rebound, with six players in double-digit scoring and Pau Ribas as the leader, with 14.

Pau Ribas suspension.  EFE / Alejandro García

Pau Ribas suspension. EFE / Alejandro García

The Joventut dominated for most of the match, going 11-3 at the start with great success from Fortune in the outside shot and with advantages that in the first half were already 14 (44-30). In addition to inspiration in shooting, those of Carles
Last they clearly dominated on the rebound.

The third quarter was a 3-point contest between two very successful teams. To the targets of Sy, Senglin or Hannah answered the Penya also with choral annotation, with Ribas, Fortune or Bassas inspired. The use of spaces and passes Tomic They were also key to opening the rival defense and consolidating the green-black income.

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Summary of Joventut Badalona - MoraBanc Andorra (99-92)

An 11-0 run at the beginning of the last quarter raised the differences already above twenty (88-65) for a Joventut that at one point he began to play conservatively but with errors, fitting a disturbing partial that gave the scoreboard a lot of makeup.

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