98-89: The triples and the rebound maintain the faith of Bilbao Basket

The triples (14/32) and the superiority in the rebound (36-24) led to the victory RETAbet Bilbao Basket in front of the Hereda San Pablo Burgos in Miribilla, by 98-89, and those of Alex
Mumbrú maintains the faith in achieving the miracle of staying next season in the League

Second triumph followed by some ‘men in black’ who have reached the Movistar
Students with 9 victories in the table but they still have to overcome him in the standings, since it is the Madrid team that has the particular differential in favor.

Therefore, the Bilbao
Basket has to win the two remaining games, the visit on Thursday to the Real
Madrid in the WiZink
Center and before him Joventut Sunday in the Bilbao
Sand; or wait for the Students miss friday in Madrid in the only game he has left, precisely against him Burgos, and need only one victory.

To find themselves in this still very delicate situation, the Basque team had to win a Burgos who threatened, spurred on by the wrist of the Brazilian Vitor Benite, with tracing him in the last quarter.

That final stretch had been reached with a 77-56 thanks to a Ludde
Hakanson in a state of grace (14 points from his 23 finals, with a valuation of 24).

Other local heroes were Jaylon
Brown (25 and 27), very brave in committed moments; John
Jenkins (17), with the triple that seemed to close the game with two minutes remaining; Arnoldas
Kulboka (12 and 7 rebounds) and work under the hoops of a Ondrej
Balvin exhausted after leaving the covid (6, 11, 3 caps and 16).

In a Burgos who started out really well, stuck from minute 10 to 30 and fought off an incredible comeback in the fourth quarter. A final stretch in which the Brazilian international Vitor
Benite he made 21 of his 30 points. The Cuban also shone at the beginning of the clash Jasiel
Rivero (12,6 and 14), although it was turned off afterwards.

The match started evenly, with Jenkins Y Kulboka hitting three and the Cuban Rivero dominating in both zones with 9 of the first 14 points of his team. Even so, a tie at 14 coinciding with the 2-9 start with which Burgos threatened to escape at the end of the first quarter (16-20).

A good start in the second of Balvin allowed to react to Bilbao
Basket, who flipped the scoreboard with five points of Jenkins (26-25) and completed a good end of the quarter with a 12-4 led by courage and courage against the opposite basket of Brown (40-34).

That 12-4 was extended to 20-7 in a brilliant locker room return from Hakanson, with eight of his team’s ten points (50-37). A pair of baskets of Rivero Y Renfroe They tried to cool down the locals, but with Hakanson it was impossible because he shot from where he was and scored and scored (58-41).

The Swedish international sat down and the Burgos chained a 3-9 (61-50), but while the locals were still sweet, the visitors fell three techniques and Miniots scored a basket on the horn the crash seemed decanted at the end of the third quarter (77-56, min 30).

Although it was discussed by a 3-12 Burgos in three minutes launched by eight points of Benite that returned to put doubts in a Bilbao
Basket who got on his nerves. Until 7-19 came the part of the visiting team, which came within seven points with four minutes remaining (82-75).

But a tray of Hakanson and a triple of Brown added to the previous five points of Kulboka to rescue some men in black who were rescued by a Jenkins triple with 1.57 left after two serious errors by Hakanson (90-81). Burgos kept trying with Benite stellar but the crash fell for the local team, which continues to dream of a still very difficult stay.

[+] See the summary with the best plays of the game:

Summary of RETAbet Bilbao Basket - Hereda San Pablo Burgos (98 - 89) .mp4

Data sheet

98 – RETAbet Bilbao Basket (16 + 24 + 37 + 21): Hakanson (23), Jenkins (17), Serron (2), Kulboka (12) and Balvin (6) -starting five-; Athinaiou (7), Brown (25), Reyes, Miniotas (4), Toté (2) and Kljajic.

89 – San Pablo Burgos inherits (20 + 14 + 22 + 33): Renfroe (7), McFadden (11), Salvo (8), Rivero (12) and Kravic -five starting- Cook, Benite (30), Rabaseda ( 6), Horton (10), Sakho (3), Barrera and Salash (2).

Referees: Carlos Peruga, Jorge Martínez and Jacobo Rial .. San Pablo coach Joan Villarroya (m.30) was disqualified. No more eliminated.

Incidents: Postponed match of day 35 of the Endesa League played at the Bilbao Arena in Miribilla without an audience due to health restrictions due to the covid pandemic. Before starting the game, the Bilbao Basket players made the hall of honor to San Pablo Burgos for their recent Champions League title.

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