98-69: Shermadini liquidates Acunsa GBC

Clear triumph of Lenovo Tenerife about him Acunsa GBC (98-69) in a clash always dominated by the Canarian team, which had in the pivot Gio Shermadini his most decisive player.

A great merit of the Tenerife team, not only for the victory achieved against the Gipuzkoan team, but for the way they do it, and, in addition, already adding the twenty-sixth.

This Thursday, before the Acunsa GBC, He showed his power and solvency on the field, dominating mainly the inside game, but with offensive resources to be able to overcome the adversary.

The Lenovo
Tenerife started the match in a big way, that is, 13-0 on the scoreboard and against a Acunsa GBC who did not know where to break the rival defense.

Little by little, the visiting team was entering the match and already in the second quarter their defensive level increased, they took advantage of the break given to Shermadini and played faster. This led him to get fully into the match and get within two points (34-32) with six minutes to go to break.

The Tenerife team put things back in their place, if they already clearly dominated the inside game, the island group found another way to score, one of them their vertical attacks towards the basket, as well as trying from outside with very good success of the exteriors.

Again, the Lenovo
Tenerife he reached a comfortable difference of ten points before reaching the break (46-36), reaching the end of the second quarter with a clear 52-40.

The island team managed to make even more differences in the third quarter. Gio
Shermadini reached 20 points scored to make it 58-43 and although the Acunsa GBC had phases of the game where they cut differences, the Lenovo Tenerife had the game in their hands and dominated until the end.

Data sheet

98 – Lenovo Tenerife (32 + 20 + 23 + 23). Fitipaldo (13), Salin (8), Doornekamp (8), Cavanaugh (5), Shermadini (24) -initial-, Yusta (5), Huertas (6), Jenkins (-), Rodríguez (7), Sulejmanovic ( 11), Guerra (11) and López (-).

69 – Acunsa GBC (21 + 19 + 17 + 12). Dee (6), Faggiano (8), Tomás (11), Radoncic (10), Okouo (6) -initial-, Carlson (9), Span (5), Motos (5), Margarity (9) and Olaizola ( -).

Referees: Pérez Pizarro, Torres and González Gálvez. They indicated technique to Radoncic (min.6).

Incidents. Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion.

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