92-86: Gran Canaria rush their playoff options

The Herbalife Gran Canaria has surprised this Wednesday Valencia
Basket from the perimeter (92-86), in a clash in which the taronjas ended up dissolving in their errors against a team that went from less to more, thus rushing their play-off options.

In a flashy outburst, the Valencia began hammering with the exterior success of Kalinic Y Go
Rossom (2-8) to later compensate from the painting Costello Y Diop (11-13) in just four minutes.

However, Jaume’s men Ponsarnau They did not slow down from the perimeter, stretching the score again (11-18). And, when it seemed that the Claretians managed to compensate by putting centimeters with the duo Costello-Balcerowski on the track, the Levantines raised the intensity even more from the 6.75 line with the entry of Prepelic (15-24).

In the second quarter, the islanders used Dimsa Y Shurna, two wild cards who knew how to move in the area based on blocks and ‘back doors’.

The visiting area was a drain, but instead the Valencian vanguard continued to function like a roller (23-35 at 7:10 for the break) and the scoring dribble in their favor seemed uncontrollable.

From there, the exchange of baskets intensified. The islanders had to also enter the rag in that particular improvised triple contest. However, the almost immaculate success of the Valencia little by little he suffered and the Herbalife He took advantage of it, with an 11-0 partial, to reduce the difference to three points, after a jump shot from Javier They will be from the outside line (44-47).

In the resumption, do you live He breathed oxygen into the Valencians with 46-54 in the electronic, giving a balsamic income of eight points to the visitors. But, immediately, a more than versatile Matt Costello, who was also encouraged with the triple despite being a pivot, gave the canaries the first advantage (56-55) after the initial 2-0.

Even so, the Valencia He took a breath again (59-67) before tackling a last quarter to doggy style. Lithuanian Tomas Dimsa assumed the role of sniper with two triples in a row, seconded by an incisor Shurna, which balanced the score at seven minutes for the conclusion (69-69).

The tables had turned radically. Now it was the Herbalife to which everything seemed to enter, while Valencia had run dry on the perimeter. With tremendous short circuit, Slaughter, They will be and company pressed the accelerator with an eloquent 22-4 of partial that forced the time out of Ponsarnau (81-71).

Things did not improve after the tactical stop. The Herbalife continued in the same dynamic, while Valencia was diluted, without gunpowder and without fortune, in an unfortunate closing that prevents for the moment from shielding the fourth place in a day in which Dubljevic celebrates 300 matches in ACB.

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Summary of Herbalife Gran Canaria - Valencia Basket (92-86)

Data sheet

92. Herbalife Gran Canaria (18 + 26 + 15 + 33): Slaughter (10), DImsa (18), Costello (14), Diop (2) and Beirán (16) -starting team-; Shurna (15), Albicy (2), Okoye (10), Balcerowski (5), López (-) and Stevic (-).

Coach: Porfirio Fisac.

86. Valencia Basket (24 + 23 + 20 + 19): Van Rossom (12), Kalinic (17), Tobey (5), Vives (3) and Williams (4) -starting team-; Prepelic (15), Labeyrie (9), Dubljevic (11), Hermannsson (4), Sastre (6).

Coach: Jaume Ponsarnau.

Referees: Miguel Ángel Pérez, Alberto Sánchez and Fabio Fernández. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Encounter corresponding to the thirty-seventh day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena.

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