88-87: A final free kick by Randle puts salvation on track for Betis

A free kick in the last second by the Ukrainian guard Jerome randle has given the Coosur Real Betis in front of Monbus Obradoiro a victory that leaves the permanence for the Sevillians very well on track and does not allow the Galicians to breathe with complete tranquility before the final stage.

The visiting pivot Steven Enoch He prevailed from the start in both areas, with seven points and three blocks, but the Galicians noticed his passage through the bench in the final minutes of the first period, when the Coosur Betis got ahead thanks to the ten points of James
Feldeine (24-21, min. 10).

The tonic of equality continued in a second period in which Mombus Obradoiro he hit more from long distance and was better able to contain his opponent’s outside men, which led the visitors to go into halftime with a meager advantage in the field (41-44, min. 20).

The defensive energy of the Betis when they returned from the dressing room blinded the way to the Obradoiro, who had the biggest disadvantage of the match (60-54, min. 27) when scoring Feldeine a triple, the second of the locals after twelve attempts, which forced Moncho Fernandez to request a time out.

The Swedish forward Mike czerapowicz scored five points that seemed to stop the bleeding suffered by the visitors but a basket with an additional shot of Borg and a penetration of Randle On the horn they allowed the Sevillian team to increase their income with only ten minutes remaining to play (68-59, min. 30).

A partial 1-10 at the beginning of the final quarter set the tie at 69 (min. 32), a new game in which the Coosur Betis always kept very short advantages until Ozmizrak tied with two shots with four seconds to go, although another shot after staff of Randle in the last second he left victory in Seville.

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Summary of Coosur Real Betis - Monbus Obradoiro (88-87)

Data sheet

88 – Coosur Real Betis (24 + 17 + 27 + 20): Campbell (6), Almazán (-), Feldeine (22), Spiers (5), Jordan (4) -the starting five-, Randle (19), Borg (9), Ouattara (6), Nick Kay (4), Ndoye (11) and Mike Torres (2).

87 – Monbus Obradoiro (21 + 23 + 15 + 28): Oliver (-), Beliauskas (11), Czerapowicz (14), Suárez (5), Enoch (23) -the starting five-, Ozmizrak (15), Muñoz ( 2), Cohen (2), Birutis (8) and Daum (7).

Referees: Carlos Peruga, Juan de Dios Oyón and Vicente Martínez. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match of the thirty-third day of the Endesa League played behind closed doors at the San Pablo Municipal Sports Palace.

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