86-78: Lenovo Tenerife takes advantage

The Lenovo
Tenerife took out a difficult game on Tuesday against Hereda San Pablo Burgos, who never lowered his guard and was about to turn the scoreboard (86-78).

The important thing was to win for him Lenovo Tenerife and did it against a very difficult opponent, which has high quality players, so the local defense did an intense job on their shooters.

Neither Benite neither McFadden not even their bases showed their best game and that was, mainly, due to the good defensive work of Lenovo Tenerife throughout the forty minutes.

And with almost no time for recovery, the second game of this tie will be played on Thursday, which will be the best of three games.

The Lenovo Tenerife started the duel by marking his place on the court. Triple Salin and basket of Shermadini and 5-0 to start, warning the opponent that it could hurt both in the outside and inside game.

There was a shy reaction from the Hereda Saint Paul Burgos, but the good defensive work of the Canarian team made the local team stay ahead on the scoreboard with advantages, in the first quarter, which reached five points (16-11).

The visiting team faced the second quarter with Kravic with two fouls and another two that he committed McFadden in the first minute of the second quarter.

Two consecutive triples from Jenkins and maximum difference for those of Txus Vidorreta (27-19, min 13).

This advantage was important, but against Hereda San Pablo Burgos it was not enough. So it was. Joan Peñarroya’s team began to load the offensive rebound and were successful. Little by little he got closer on the scoreboard to get to a point (32-31) with three minutes to go to break.

The Tenerifeans managed to stay ahead thanks to the successes of Fitipaldo Y Cavanaugh, and came to rest with a 45-42.

The island team started the third quarter with a partial 8-0 (53-42), but continued to make some errors in the defensive rebound that, despite Burgos not knowing how to take advantage of them, did prevent Lenovo Tenerife will increase its advantage.

In spite of everything, the differences were increasing little by little. Fitipaldo, very active in the third quarter, scored a triple to put the score at 56-44 and two minutes later a 64-48, the Tenerife team’s maximum advantage in the match. Marcelinho Huertas was in control of the match and his team noticed that.

But Burgos was there. That downturn in the game due to the lack of fluidity in attack did not affect him excessively and little by little he was cutting the difference and he reached eleven points (66-55) before concluding the third quarter.

In the final stretch they were injured Fitipaldo, who was able to return to the court in the fourth quarter, and Horton, who no longer returned and retired, at the end of the crash, on crutches.

Everything to be decided in just ten minutes. Benite was seen on the court and Salvo continued to punish the rival basket. The Lenovo Tenerife, meanwhile, was not right in attack. Sergio Rodríguez missed two three-point shots and later another from Cavanaugh.

Meanwhile, Burgos continued with its good rhythm and took advantage of those doubts of the local team to tie at 68 and, a minute later, get ahead (68-71).

Successful time-out of the coach Lenovo Tenerife and the island team came out with another attitude, reinforced, with a triple of Doornekamp That put the locals with an advantage again. Renfroe missed his two free throws (71-71), but Cavanaugh did hit his three-point shot (74-71).

Lenovo Tenerife was not willing to continue suffering and with Huertas in the direction and Fitipaldo in his support he managed to maintain the advantage and finish with 86-78 and 1-0 in the tie.

[+] See the summary with the best plays of the game:

Summary of Lenovo Tenerife - Hereda San Pablo Burgos (86-78), Liga Endesa playoff

Data sheet

86 – Lenovo Tenerife (19 + 26 + 21 + 20): Huertas (15), Salin (7), Doornekamp (10), Cavanaugh (10), Shermadini (16) -starting five-, Fitipaldo (13), Jenkins ( 6), Rodríguez (-), Sulejmanovic (-) and Guerra (9).

78 – San Pablo Burgos inherits (14 + 28 + 13 + 23): Renfroe (12), Benite (5), Rabaseda (6), Salash (8), Kravic (12) -five starts-, Saved (14), McFadden (-), Sakho (7), Cook (12) and Horton (2).

Referees: Pérez Pérez, Aliaga and Martínez. They eliminated McFadden for fouls (min.36).

Incidents: Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion.

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