83-97. Baskonia beats Casademont and leaves Martin Schiller in question

Zaragoza, Oct 15 (EFE).- The Cazoo Baskonia beat Casademont Zaragoza at home thanks to their great success in the triples (53%) and leaves the team’s coach, the Austrian Martin Schiller, in question after not having won not a single encounter.

The Aragonese team was overtaken by a much superior rival and still hasn’t won this season after a game in which they improved on past performances, something that wasn’t too difficult, although that improvement only lasted until the third quarter.

The new defeat leaves the figure of his coach weakened, but also that of a player who is not performing as was presumed a priori.

The Aragonese team began the game, as is now becoming common, with a misguided shot, which was used by their rival to gain a ten-point lead in three minutes (0-10).

The obligatory time-out of Martin Schiller and the entry of the players of the second unit with the very young Aday Mara (17 years old; 2.15 tall) surprising with 8 points in four and a half minutes and managing to cut the rent from Vitoria to five points ( 9-13), although Daulton Hommes, with 4 of 5 triples in the first ten minutes, raised the lead to 8 points (21-29).

Casademont Zaragoza got closer again at the beginning of the second set but the devastating success of Joan Peñarroya’s team from the triple (61.1% at the break) left the contest practically sentenced because the owners of the field could not keep up with that scoring rate (33.3%).

Baskonia had scored more points on triple shots (33) than on two-point and free throws (27) against a handful team that suffered a lot in defense with the blocks for their rival’s shooters and their effectiveness.

Despite the wide lead, the Aragonese team did not give up and with a lot of defensive work they managed to drown out the Vitorian success to get to 6 points (60-66) in the 28th minute, although the visitors, who had 0 of 4 in this third fourth, they scored two in a row in the last minute, which were a blow for the Aragonese and put a safety distance again (62-75).

The effort to close the gap and not finish achieving the comeback took its toll, more mental than physical, on Casademont Zaragoza who in the last ten minutes could not keep up with Bakonia.

The Basque team, which did not lower the piston, was once again a sledgehammer and ended up winning with sufficiency and once again leaving the feeling that its rival is not enough with what it has, not just to win, but to aspire to disturb their rivals.

Data sheet:

83 – Casademont Zaragoza (21+22+19+21): Sant-Roos (-), Lomazs (6), Yusta (22), Simanic (-), Mekowulu (13) -starting five- Ferrari (2), Radoncic (11), Jessup (14), Ponitka (7), Mara (8).

97 – Cazoo Baskonia (29+31+15+22): Kurucs (6), Howard (12), Raieste (2), Hommes (12), Kotsar (8) -starting five- Sedekerskis (7), Dani Díez ( 3), Thompson (4), Costello (19), Marinkovic (5) and Giedraitis (19).

Referees: Fernando Calatrava, Martín Caballero and Yasmina Alcaraz. There were no personal exclusions.

Incidents: match corresponding to the fourth day of the League played in the Príncipe Felipe pavilion in Zaragoza before 5,733 spectators.

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