79-76. Gran Canaria learns to suffer at the top of the table

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Oct 30 (EFE) .- Gran Canaria suffered more than necessary against Casademont Zaragoza to add a new victory in the Endesa League that consolidates them in the upper part of the table (79-76).

In a good choral display of the locals, the direction of the French Andrew Albicy stood out in the statistical section (9 points, 5 assists and 20 valuation), supported by the points of Pustovyi (13) and Brussino (10), deactivating the versatility de Waczynski (17 points and 2 rebounds).

In a flashy start, the yellows took the initiative from the perimeter, their already natural habitat, with two triples followed by Shurna and another distant basket by Kramer, while Zaragoza minimized the Claretian fervor with the success of Radoncic and Waczynski. From there, the islanders took to cruising speed (15-9) at the equator of the first quarter.

Sipahi and Hlinason managed to adjust the differences in record time (17-16) but it was a short-lived mirage. Again the ‘Granca’ returned to the charge with more artillery, now with Ennis as the executor from the outside and the Diop duo from the painting (27-17).

In the second round, former yellow Stan Okoye took on stripes before his former parish to minimize the bleeding, but to no avail. Again the pivot Oliver Stevic became the wild card of Porfi Fisac’s board, multiplying his performance in attack and showing himself solid in the rear in front of the physical deployment of the visitors (32-22).

The mistake of the handy team from the personnel line began to penalize him, allowing the insulars to take more land in the counterattacks (50-35), all seasoned by an inspired Nico Brussino -8 points and 50% success up to the moment.

In the resumption, the Casademont joined the recital from the perimeter, with Waczynski and Mobley taking the baton in the scheme of Ponsarnau (56-44). However, the yellow rotations began to take their toll on the rival. Slaughter’s wrist took center stage along with the versatility of Khalifa Diop in the area, although Casademont managed to peek through a gap to lower the difference to nine points (68-59).

Already in the last quarter, two consecutive baskets by Okoye put Gran Canaria (68-64) on the ropes, forcing an early time-out from Fisac. Already the subsequent shot of three by Sipahi and a launch from the personnel line by García left the locals without margin (68-67).

It took more than three minutes for the local team to debut in the fourth period, and they had to do it with two free throws by Pustovyi that gave oxygen to a team still knocked out by the Zaragoza reaction.

A new island rebound, led by Slaughter (74-67) again changed the outlook for the locals. Then Radoncic and San Miguel gave wings to theirs (77-76) at 1:13 for the conclusion. But in the end, a tray from Albicy and an excellent defense of the yellows in the last few possessions made it possible to shield a more than agonizing victory for Gran Canaria.

Data sheet:

79. CB Gran Canaria (27 + 23 + 18 + 11): Kramer (5), Albicy (9), Brussino (10), Pustovyi (13) and Shurna (9) -initial quintet-; K. Diop (2), I. Diop (3), Ennis (9), Stevic (6), Slaughter (8) and Saved (5).

Coach: Porfirio Fisac.

76. Casademont Zaragoza (17 + 18 + 24 + 17): Mobley (7), San Miguel (11), Radoncic (11), Waczynski (17) and Hlinason (9) – starting five – Okoye (7), Vanwijn ( 4), Sipahi (6) and J. García (4).

Coach: Jaume Ponsarnau.

Referees: Carlos Cortés, Alberto Baena and Fabio Fernández. Without personnel.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the eighth day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena before 4,823 spectators.

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