76-90: Real Madrid rearms its morale in Fuenlabrada

Moral rearmament for Real Madrid in Fuenlabrada, where he has obtained the victory (76-90) with 20 points from the American Jaycee Carroll and the key role of Rudy fernandez (13 points) in the 0-22 quarter that gave them the victory, a balsamic triumph two days away from playing the future in the Euroleague.

Beaten by the 2-0 of the ‘playoff’ against him Anadolu efes Turkish and without Cape Verdean Walter Tavares for the problems in the pubis that left him without playing the last game in Istanbul, the Madrid took a breather in Fuenlabrada, achieving his seventeenth consecutive victory in the League in a game unbalanced by a row of Pablo Laso in the 17th minute, which started a 0-22 white run through which the game went from 38-34 to 38-56 (min. 22).

A triumph not without suffering because the ‘Fuenla’ starred in a commendable first half, even taking 14 days without competing for a coronavirus outbreak that left them without the league’s top scorer, the American Melo trimble, and the pivot Chema gonzalez, both in quarantine, in addition to losing to injury to Marc Garcia Y Alex Urtasun for the remainder of the campaign.

The duel added a record to the history of the ACB: the Malian forward’s debut with Fuenlabrada Bassala Bagayoko, the earliest in the history of the championship, beating the record for Ricky Rubio At just 14 years, 7 months and 15 days, he contributed 2 points, 2 rebounds and committed 2 fouls. The Malian pivot also debuted Cheick diallo, last Fuenlabrean signing with NBA history (2 points and 5 rebounds).

The start did not seem like a duel between a team eager for salvation and another depressed by the 2-0 in the Euroleague. It was a sparkling start to the race, in which the Brazilian Leo Meindl spurred his people (13-9, min. 5), with the responses of Jaycee Carroll, in his 450th match in the ACB, and Alberto abalde.

The end of the first quarter featured the adolescent’s historic debut Bagayoko, record of precocity of the ACB, and that he did not hide in his premiere: greeted with a foul in his first action, he scored a mate collecting the rebound of his compatriot Cheick
Diallo, also a premiere, for a very close closing (22-23).

The ones from Pablo Laso with an active Swedish start Jeff Taylor to take advantage of free throws (26-30), but the ‘Fuenla‘He did not let him go further, tightening the defense and above all capturing rebounds in the rival rim, with a great job from the American Josh sharma. “They have 16 points of 38 of offensive rebound”, he complained Laso with 38-34 (min. 17).

The whites of the ‘lasina’ took note, which would be key in the future of the party, and the one that was the most Carlos Alocen, who made a basket, stole to assist in another to Abalde and added a triple with which he turned the electronic to 38-41. Rounded it up Rudy fernandez with two free throws and a triple that left the maximum difference of the game at halftime (38-46).

The white avalanche did not end the intermission. Captained by Rudy, with two triples in the first two actions after the break, the whites increased the set from the second quarter to add a 0-22 (from 38-34 to 38-56), which forced Josep Maria Raventós to call their own to the bank.

It seemed too late, because tracing 18 points to the leader of the Endesa League, undefeated off his court, seems almost impossible task. The locals recovered their tusk on the rebound, despite the French’s kills Vincent Poirier, and they got to ten with another of Kyle alexander, to close the third quarter with 56-66.

Fuenlabreña faith got there, because the Madrid he had the game well tied. He responded to the triple of the Congolese Christian eyenga and the american Kwan Cheatham with the fireproof Carroll (10 points in this quarter) and obtained a victory that allows him to add his best start away from home in his history in the ACB, with 16 away wins, as well as to rearm for Tuesday’s limit duel against him. Anadolu efes.

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Summary of Urbas Fuenlabrada - Real Madrid (76-90)

Data sheet

76 – Urbas Fuenlabrada (22 + 16 + 18 + 20): Samar (7), Meindl (12), Eyenga (9), Alexander (6), Sharma (10) -initial quintet-, Diallo (2), Novak ( 8), Emegano (8), Cheatham (12), Bagayoko (2) and Santana.

90 – Real Madrid (23 + 23 + 20 + 24): Alocen (10), Carroll (20), Abalde (9), Tyus (4), Poirier (13) -the starting five-, Garuba (8), Taylor ( 5), Laprovittola (6), Llull (2), Vukcevic and Rudy (13).

Referees: Óscar Perea, Sergio Manuel and Jacobo Rial. Without eliminated.

Incidents: match of the thirty-third day of the Endesa League, played in the Fernando Martín de Fuenlabarda Pavilion (Madrid), without spectators due to the health measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

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