73-87. Joventut regains the lead with a creditable victory

Sports writing, Dec 22 (EFE) .- Joventut Badalona overcame the last minute casualties of Ante Tomic and Pau Ribas due to a viral process and with only nine players he won on the Slask Wroclaw court (73-87) to get again leader of group A of the Eurocup.

Vladimir Brodziansky led Penya with 29 points and had a scoring duel with Jakub Korolak, who with his 27 points allowed the Polish team to fight the game until the third quarter. Andrés Feliz, with 13 points and 6 assists, and Simon Birgander, with 11 points and 14 rebounds, also stood out in the Catalan victory.

Joventut got quick with a comfortable lead (3-15, min.6) with Vives and Brodziansky carrying the offensive weight. Birgander dominated under the hoops and Parra annulled Kanter in the Polish attack, who could only answer from the three-point line.

A triple by Karolak brought Slask Wroclaw to four points at the start of the second quarter (18-22, min. 12) but two triples by Andrés Feliz, who added 10 points in the first half, and a two plus one by Birgander launched to La Penya up to what would be his maximum difference from the first half (20-35, min. 15).

Brodziansky reloaded his wrist to finish the first half with 18 points as Travis Trice began to take center stage in attack. A triple by the American left the game open at halftime (35-40).

Karolak prolonged his success on the outside shot to give Slask Wroclaw the first lead (45-44, min. 23) and force Joventut to maintain defensive tension. Joel Parra appeared to give Penya air, but Dziewa’s success under the hoops prevented the Catalans from regaining control of the game.

The 29 points achieved by the Poles in the third period gave them wings for the last quarter, but a triple by Parra and another by Busquets at the start of the final period made them put their feet on the ground (64-69, min. 31).

La Penya gritted his teeth in defense – he only conceded nine points in the fourth quarter – and the Poles were confused in the defensive transitions, causing Brodziansky and Parra to score two baskets completely alone (69-76, min. 35).

A triple by Ventura, which ended up contributing nine points, put the ten rental points in the light (69-79, min. 37) and Brodziansky left the game seen for sentence with two free throws (69-81) to just over two minutes from the end.

Data sheet;

73. Slask Wroclaw (13 + 22 + 29 + 7): Trice (14), Justice (6), Kanter (4), Ramljak (3), Dziewa (11) -starting team-, Kolenda (6), Karolak ( 29), Meiers (1) and Langevine (1).

87. Joventut Badalona (22 + 18 + 23 + 24): Vives (5), Ventura (9), Parra (12), Brodziansky (27), Birgander (11) -starting team-, Busquets (6), Feliz ( 13), Helmanis (2) and Zagars (-).

Referees: Rossi (Italy), Shemmesh (Israel) and Hadzic (Croatia). Without eliminated.

Incidents: match corresponding to the eighth day of group A of the European Championship played at the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw (Poland). The Joventut players wore a black band on their shirts due to the death of former player Josep Maria Ferrer.

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