72-45: Spain says goodbye to Toulouse with another defeat

The Spanish team lost again this Monday in Toulouse (France) against the French team by 72-45, in the second game of preparation for the European that will be disputed in Valencia starting next June 17.

The Selection
Spanish was again overtaken by a France in a state of grace. To the renewed team of Luke
Mondelo, concentrated since May 15, it still lacks the rhythm of competition to reach the level of the great continental powers.

The first quarter was a good example of this. The local ones, with Williams At the head, they entered the game with rage, intense in the defensive phase and relentless in attack. Spain He did not score until minute 6:51 when the game was already 14-0 in favor of the ‘blue’, who signed a 70% success rate in field goals.

The Spanish women, again, went from less to more. After a disastrous start to the game, the Mondelo, governed by Raquel
Race and for one Cristina
Ouvina plugged in, they prevailed in the second quarter with a 17-10 aggregate.

However, the French once again displayed their greatest strength, defense. Those of Valérie
Garnier, outstanding in blocking, established a solid block in the inner zone, aware that Spain, from the line 3, is weak (0/12).

The awesome might of Williams Y Miyem On the painting he pierced the defense in a zone of Spain that was powerless before the physical deployment of the finery.

France She stretched her income in the last two quarters in which the young Carrera, who played her second game as a senior international, emerged as the top scorer for the Spanish women with 12 points.

The Spanish team will face each other in their next two preparation matches at Nigeria Y Belgium, on June 3 and 5, respectively, at the Palacio de Deportes de Good views from Cordova.

Data sheet

72. France (27 + 10 + 15 + 20): Vukosavljevic (2), Miyem (10), Duchet (5), Chartereau (6), Johannes (7) – starting five – Gaye (6), Fauthoux (5) ,, Michel (-), Rupert (12), Tchatchouang (6), Williams (13), Djaldi-Tabdi (-).

45. Spain (5 + 17 + 8 + 15): Silvia Domínguez (3), Maite Cazorla (1), Alba Torrens (6), Tamara Abalde (1), Raquel Carrera (12) – starting five – Nogaye (4) , Leo Rodríguez (2), Queralt Casas (5), Paula Guinzo (-), Ouvina (9), L. Flores (2), Romero (-).

Referees: N. Maestre, J. Collin, A. Dahra. No eliminations Incidents: Friendly match played at the Sports Palace in Toulouse (France).

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