71-64: Painful blackout in Spain that falls into extra time

Spain woke up from his sleep suddenly and painfully, with a defeat at Serbia (71-64) in the quarterfinals of the women’s Eurobasket after an extension that leaves the Mondelo no fight for a medal. It will be the first time in eight years that the women’s team does not enter the podium, which was fitted yesterday with a major disappointment in the Fonteta, especially after you have had the qualification at your fingertips.

Serbia will now face Belgium in the semifinals and Spain will have the battle to achieve sixth position, which allows access to the Pre-Mundial and keep the team on the international front line in upcoming championships.

An offensive blackout of Spain in the second half and the job that Sonja showed Vasic and Yvonne Anderson in crucial moments they were fundamental aspects in the outcome. Also the error in free throw of Ouviña 1.5 seconds from the end of regular time that would have advanced the team with 1.5 seconds to play.

Vasic, with 19 points, led his team, seconded by Anderson with 17. Spain tried to distribute responsibilities, with Ouviña (14) as the main director but forgetting Astou Ndour during the second half.

Geto of disappointment from Laura Quevedo.

Geto of disappointment from Laura Quevedo.

Spain did not start badly but the rhythm of a tough and intense match benefited the Serbs. Triples of Ouviña Y Ndour at the beginning they gave some control of the situation to Mondelo, even if Krajisnik began to do damage with speed against the Spanish interiors. The 13-15 at the end of the first quarter anticipated equality and nerves.

The great virtue of Spain was the rebound, with good control of its own and great ability to capture the attack, especially at the beginning of the second quarter. Thanks to this and to some thefts that began to be achieved, the Spanish achieved a first hopeful income (17-25), with Raquel Carrera as the mainstay and Laura Gil battling in the area.

Serbia never let down their guard and began to take advantage of their surprise pressures on the full track with which they reached the break at 23-27.

In the third quarter the threat ‘plavi’ was more damaging, with Jovanovic raising the confidence of his team with triples and Vasic coming into action (43-38, min. 28). Spain fixed it with caste until 43-43 at the end of the period.

In the last one it seemed that Spain could take command thanks mainly to Maite’s baskets Cazorla and the battle that Laura raised Gil (47-52) but in the final minutes the Spanish team did not have clarity in attack and made some defensive errors that allowed the recovery of the Marina players Maljkovic.

Cristina’s missed free kick Ouviña It led to an extension also of wear and tear and little rhythm in which Serbia handled with ease while Spain was losing its faith little by little.

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