70-79: Unicaja wins in Vitoria and is hooked to the playoffs

The Unicaja obtained this Sunday a victory of merit against the TD Systems Baskonia (70-79) that fully hooks him in the fight to enter the stage for the Endesa League title, while the Vitorians fall to fifth place after the postponed match played against the Andalusians corresponding to the 34th day.

It was an ugly game, with errors in the control of the ball and in which the outside success of the Unicaja, with 12 triples scored, ended up deciding it in his favor.

It was also marked by the ankle injury of Achille polonara, which forced him to retire to the locker room at the beginning of the second half and unbalanced the balance from that moment.

Rokas Giedraitis Y Pierrià Henry they were the best with 14 valuation points in a team that lacks flight hours and is forced to win one more game than Valencia Basket to regain fourth position.

On the visiting side, Tim Abromaitis, with 20 valuation points, and Jaime Fernandez, with 16 they were the best of a team that went from less to more.

The malagueños entered the game better and took advantage of the defensive imbalances of a Baskonia who took command on the scoreboard when his defensive aggressiveness increased.

Rokas Giedraitis Y Pierrià Henry were in charge of adding for their team and Fotis Katsikaris He reacted by moving the bench to stop the attacks of the Vitoria team that finished ahead, 13-12, after the first ten minutes.

Alec peters He returned to the Basque team after the last two absences, to add troops in the interior game of the locals who could not keep up.

Irregularity gripped the two contenders. To the Baskonia his possessions were running out and he could not braid the plays before a Unicaja who lived on the sparks of his outer game.

Two triples of Pierrià Henryy Arturs Kurucs turned around an electronic orphan of points that closed the first half with maximum equality, 30-30, after a slight reaction from Malaga led by Tim Abromaitis.

The US base of the Baskonia He continued to set the pace of his own, who endorsed a partial 8-0 start, after passing through the changing rooms, which was stopped when Achille polonara he had to retire to the locker room with a severe ankle sprain.

From that moment came the Andalusian reaction based on triples. Jaime Fernandez took charge of the Malaga ship and the Unicaja regained command.

To the Baskonia he ran out of ideas in attack and those of Fotis Katsikaris they took advantage of to take a significant income before starting the last quarter, 48-57.

The malagueños had the clearest ideas in the final set. Axel bouteille kept his team ahead with two important triples when Alec peters approached the Baskonia, 65-71, at 3:30 from the end.

The Unicaja he read the final stretch of the duel better despite the desperate attempts of Baskonians and they obtained a valuable victory, 70-79, which keeps him in the fight to enter the playoffs.


70 – TD Systems Baskonia (13 + 17 + 18 + 22): Henry (12), Kurucs (3), Giedraitis (11), Polonara (2) and Jekiri (8) -starting five-, Massenat (-), Sedekerskis (2), Colom (5), Diop (4), Dragic (13) and Peters (10).

79 – Unicaja (12 + 18 + 27 + 22): Jaime Fernández (17), Brizuela (8), Waczynski (10), Thompson (10) and Guerrero (-) – starting five-, Alberto Díaz (3), Alonso (1), Abromaitis (14), Thomas (4) and Bouteille (12).

Referees: Antonio Conde, Joaquín García González and Martín Caballero. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Postponed match corresponding to the thirty-fourth day of the Endesa League played without an audience at the Fernando Buesa Arena.

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