68-92: Tenerife destroy Burgos and are already in the semifinals

Lenovo Tenerife made history this Thursday by qualifying for the first time for the ACB League semifinals after destroying San Pablo Burgos in a second half in which it was much superior, thanks to the display of Brazilian point guard Marcelinho Huertas (20 points, 3 rebounds, 9 assists and a PIR of 28) and the outside success of Canadian Aaron Doonerkamp (68-92).

After an even first half, in which the locals dominated the scoreboard, although with short advantages, the picture changed completely after the break, when the islanders came out for the game and scored from all positions, doing a lot. damage with his triples to a knocked out opponent who conceded a partial against 27-0 that left him with no options to extend the tie.

Shermadini cap, who finished with 11 points

Shermadini cap, who finished with 11 points

Dejan Kravic with 20 points and 23 valuation credits was the highlight of the game by the Burgos, who missed Ken Horton, seriously injured, and ended with this defeat a great season, in which they fulfilled their goals and revalidated their Champions League title.

The first part began with a lot of rhythm in the Coliseum, which was welcomed again 453 days later, with an exchange of baskets without a clear dominator, although the appearance of Thad McFadden and his two triples in a row allowed Burgos to have the first advantages. However, those of Txus Vidorreta rushed the minutes to finish the first quarter 26-23.

The tough defenses were imposed in the second act of greater local dominance. San Pablo, infected by the atmosphere of its audience, was one step ahead and enjoyed rents close to ten points, although it went to halftime with a seven-point advantage (41-35, min 20).

After passing through the changing rooms, that advantage was maintained, but little by little Tenerife was cutting back thanks to its effectiveness in shooting and its fierce defense, which slowed the Burgos attacks. A partial 0-16, in a complete blackout in Burgos, put those of Txus Vidorreta ahead, who caressed the playoff semifinals with ten minutes to go (52-66, min 30).

Doonerkamp, ​​with six triples, was essential in the takeoff of a Tenerife team in which the veteran Marcelinho Huertas shone again one more day, finishing as the top scorer on his team and sharing the game among his teammates. The visiting exhibition left the game and the series seen for sentence after a third quarter that closed with a 31-11 in favor of Lenovo.

This partial remained open in a last quarter that was also dominated by visitors since San Pablo Burgos still could not find a way to break the rival defense and only from the free kick could the Burgos unblock something, but too late because those of Vidorreta already they were classified for the semifinals, thus endorsing their great season in the ACB.

Data sheet:

68-Inherit San Pablo Burgos (26 + 15 + 11 + 16): Kravic (20), Benite (7), Rivero (5), Rabaseda (3) and Renfroe (9) – starting five – Queeley (0), Salash (3), Barrera (0), McFadden (10), Saved (9), Sakho (2), Cook (0).

92-Lenovo Tenerife (23 + 12 + 31 + 26): Fitipaldo (13), Huertas (20), Shermadini (11), Cavanaugh (6) and Doonerkamp (18) – starting five – Yusta (0), Salin (3 ), Jenkins (8), Rodríguez (0), Sulejmanovic (6), López (2), Guerra (5).

Referees: Conde, Castillo and Baena. Without eliminated

Incidents: Second match corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Endesa League playoff held at the Coliseum Burgos before 879 spectators.

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