57-83: The Breogán River returns brilliantly to the ACB

The river Breogán this Sunday brilliantly achieved promotion to the League
Endesa, to which he returns two seasons after his relegation to the LEB
Gold in 2019, by winning 57-83 at Covran
grenade and prevail by 1-2 in the final.

The Covran Granada took the lead last weekend in the series by winning the first duel 67-53, but the Lugo turned the crossroads with the victory achieved during the week on their court (81-78) and the sum, in a convincing way, this Sunday by 26 points of difference (57-83) despite playing for promotion as visitors.

The Galicians based their triumph on a brilliant start, since, after receiving a first basket after four seconds of play, they endorsed the locals a tremendous 1-21 of partial (3-21, m.7) with full success in the first five triples thrown.

Manu Rodriguez and Edu Gatell they slightly woke up the Andalusians (8-21, m.8), although the first quarter closed with a clear advantage for the Galicians (12-29 after a great triple by Erik Quintela on the horn).

The River Advantage Breogán, very successful in attack, went up to 21 points (13-34) at the beginning of a second quarter in which the Grenadians improved, despite not being able to find continuity in their offensive forays or to stop the defenders in defense. Lucenses (29-49 at halftime).

The Galicians started the second half like the first, very firm in defense and unstoppable in attack, and they biased any attempt to react by the locals with an overwhelming 0-14 partial (29-63, m.25).

In the remaining fifteen minutes of meeting, with the mind of the River Breogán already in the ACB, the Covran Granada tried to save the honor in the best possible way, despite its clear inferiority in the crash, before a Lugo team that did not take their foot off the accelerator and finished with an incontestable 57-83 to earn the glory of returning to the highest category .

Data sheet

57 – Covirán Granada (12 + 17 + 13 + 15): Costa (13), Bropleh (5), Martínez (3), Murphy (7), Bamba Fall (8) -starting five-, Bortolussi (2), Rodríguez (6), Díaz (7), Iriarte (-), Gatell (2), Bressan (2) and Andriassi (2).

83 – Río Breogán (29 + 20 + 19 + 15): Erik Quintela (10), Ahonen (13), Kacinas (3), Sollazzo (15), Larsen (9) -five starting-, Sergio Quintela (7), Arco (7), Aboubacar (1), Gutiérrez (2), Cruz (10) and Díaz (6).

Referees: López Herrada, Quintas Álvarez and Carrera Rosdevall. Visitor Díaz (m.38) was excluded for five personal fouls.

Incidents: Third and last game of the final of the ‘play-off’ for promotion to the Endesa League played at the Palacio de los Deportes in Granada before 1,600 fans, the maximum capacity allowed to comply with the prevention measures due to the coronavirus pandemic .

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