2021 MLB Playoffs: What are the playoff rules between the Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays for the wild cards in the postseason?

MLB Playoffs 2021: Tiebreaker Scenarios for Yankes, Red Sox and ...

Lto The final stretch of the major league regular season is drawing near and the hottest league is the American. With a likely triple tie scenario between the Blue Jays, Yankees and Red Sox for the wild card spots, MLB has raised several scenarios to solve this problem.

The Tampa Bay Rays, already enshrined with the ticket this fall And with the division title imminent, the fight for the wild cards is red hot for three ninths. With a tight record, the possibility of equality is latent.

In case of Toronto, New York and Boston, the MLB states: “If they have an equal record and there is no other winner other than the division in the American League ahead of them, all three teams will earn designations A, B and C to face off. “

These designations are made through the comparison records between these three ninths. In such a way that A would face B and the loser would collide with team C to determine the two that will obtain the wild card positions. Therefore, the qualifiers will face each other in the wild card round.

In the event that only a couple of franchises tied for second wild card spot, they would have to play against each other to determine who qualifies for the AL wild card game. In this case, the Major Leagues mention that the home is awarded to the team with the best record during the direct duels of the season.

Here there is much talk about the dominance Toronto has had over New York, since if they are even in the fight for the second wild card, direct confrontations favor Blue Jays; so the Bronx Bombers would have to risk their future against the Canadians.

On the other hand, if only two of these three teams finish the season with the best record and in wild-card round position, MLB clarifies that it is not necessary to face one more time to determine the location. As in the previous criteria, they will go to the direct confrontations to determine who receives the match to be measured in the Wild Card.

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