Zaragoza, Burgos and Tenerife, for the FIBA ​​Champions League

The three Spanish teams that from next Wednesday are going to play the “Final a Eight” of the LChampions League, Burgos, Tenerife and Zaragoza, they left this morning from Zaragoza airport bound for the Russian city of Novgorod, headquarters of the continental competition.

On a joint charter flight the three representatives of the ACB They have traveled with the illusion of lifting the trophy of champions, a title currently held by the Burgos team.

The second captain ofl Inherit San Pablo Burgos, Alex Barrera, He has indicated that they know that they come to the competition with the condition of being the current champions but has explained that he does not believe that this affects them in the sense of feeling special.

“We know the difficulty of the competition. The ‘Final a Eight’ is a very demanding competition in which things will have to be done very well to arrive and advance each round ”, he highlighted.

Barrier he has not wanted to bet on any team as the favorite of the tournament. In this regard, he has pointed out that it is something that will have to be seen during the competition.

“It is played as a single match and with great demand so we will have to see how the rounds progress and there may be some surprises,” he warned.

With respect to his rival in the quarterfinals, the Hapoel Holon isrThere, he has analyzed that it is a team that many play “one against one of their bases” and that this is where most of the points they score come from, so the team has been preparing the defense “in the face of such an effective attack that has ”.

Faced with the possibility of a confrontation Burgos-Tenerife In the semifinals, he indicated that the insulares are a “very complicated” team that makes things “very difficult” for their rivals.

“A hypothetical semifinal against Tenerife It would be crazy because it would be very demanding for both of us, but first we have to think about the Hapoel”, He pointed out.

The second captain of the Lenovo Tenerife, Alex López, has declared that they arrive “with the utmost enthusiasm” and that they are not considered favorites, despite what the specialized media say.

“All the teams are very good, they have all done a good first and second phase to be here, even Strasbourg, our rival, who has come back from 0-3. There are no favorites. We go with the utmost respect and enthusiasm and match by match ”, he highlighted.

About him Strasbourg He has commented that the fact of going “without pressure” possibly makes him “more dangerous”.

“He will not be a comfortable opponent, he is very physical, with which zero accommodation and maximum respect,” he assured.

Asked if the third position held by the Tenerife on the ACB It is an endorsement to try to qualify for the title, he has indicated that it possibly is but that this Sunday they lost “hard” against Fuenlabrada and that it has meant “a wake-up call, in quotes” to realize that they can lose with any team although they are also capable of surpassing anyone.

“We are happy to be third in ACB but that does not give you before going to the game to have won it already ”, he warned.

Jonathan Barreiro, second captain of the Casademont Zaragoza, has commented that they arrive at the Russian event “in a good state of form, both individually and as a team” and that they want to show it in the first game against the host, Nizhny Novgorod.

In this regard, he recalled that until the defeat of this Sunday against the Real Madrid the Aragonese team accumulated four consecutive victories in the ACB.

“We have been qualifying for the ‘Final a Eight’ for two seasons in a row and we are really looking forward to it. We are three games away from a title and we want to get it ”, he explained.

The fact that they return to play a match with the public after more than a year, which will also encourage their rival, is not a problem in the opinion of Barreiro.

“For us, the fact that there is an audience has to be an incentive, it has to make us more motivated, it makes us excited, we like it. We go with great ambition to continue consolidating our name in Europe. It is a very important competition for the club and the city. Hopefully we get the title. It is going to be very complicated but it will not be left out of desire ”, he highlighted.

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