Yusta: “When they tell you that you have to be important it is a plus to sign”

Santi Yusta, which this Friday has been presented as a player of the Casademont
Saragossa, has pointed out that when a player calls a club and tells him that he considers him important to him, it is “a plus to sign.”

The forward has revealed that he spoke with the one who is already his coach, Jaume
Ponsarnau, who explained that he wants him to assume an “important” role in the squad, and that both the coach and the club gave him “a lot of confidence” to sign for the Aragonese team.

This meant that it was “very easy” to choose and decide on the Casademont Saragossa.

“I am very excited to do things well and to have the most successful year possible. I am a player who always wants to give the maximum, very intense on the court, who likes to bring intensity, youth and rhythm,” he stressed.

The Madrid player has also highlighted that Ponsarnau He is a great coach and when a coach of his prestige calls you, any player likes him.

In this regard, he added that in the conversation that the coach had explained the role he wanted him to play in the squad.

Yusta He has indicated that he is very well physically and mentally after the serious injury he suffered that he has already left behind.

The forward hopes to be able to aspire “to the maximum possible” next season but has warned that it is necessary to go “step by step”.

“The first thing is to close the squad and then work hard to try to add the maximum number of victories possible to be in the playoff,” he valued.

Vega Gimeno: “We opt for everything”

Vega Gimeno, for his part, has pointed out that the level of the League is “very high” but that the Aragonese team opts “for everything”.

“I’m looking at the squads and it will be very difficult because the clubs have strengthened well but we opted for everything because I believe it and I trust the team and the coach,” he added at a press conference.

In this regard, she added that she believes that the club is doing things “very well”, something that the rest of the players transmit to her and that she feels affection and confidence, something that will make the team top.

“Players have been trusted who know the LeagueVery good players and very good people and that will help a lot ”, he stressed.

Gimeno, who will live his second stage in Saragossa, has explained that personally the Aragonese capital is his second home on a personal level and that on a sporting level he feels it as his home as well.

“I spent three very good seasons with a very good team with whom we made the playoffs and third in the league. It was a wonderful experience. I love the city, the people and the fans and that is why it has been great news to come back. I am super excited because, in addition, the team that has called itself very good news ”, she pointed out.

The power forward considers that she comes from doing her best basketball in Lugo, where she has played her best season, in addition to being the top national scorer in the League, and what she wants in Zaragoza is to continue with that good dynamic that she has been doing for a few years. .

“Also, let it be Carlos
Stonecutter Coaching for me is great news because I feel their support and confidence. In the team there are players that I have known for years and many are friends, which has helped to make the decision to come to continue with that good trajectory ”, he revealed.

The Valencian player has pointed out that she will try to contribute her experience within a team that has been made so that there is not one player who saves the games and monopolizes the game but so that the focus is distributed among all.

“It’s positive and I think the group is what will make us get into important things,” he assured.

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