Yankees vs Red Sox: live online today the wild card game of the Major League Baseball postseason

BWelcome and welcome to the minute by minute of the MLB playoffs. We started the postseason of the Major Leagues with the wild card games and we will have one of the most rival games in the history of baseball. The Boston Red Sox will do the honors to the Yankees on Fenway park to seek to stay alive and fight for the crown this year. In a life or death duel, both novenas will try to finish off the hated rival and then face off against Tampa Bay in the American League Division Series.

The openers for tonight will be Gerrit Cole for the Yankees and Nathan Eovaldand for the Red Sox, who will want to dispatch the rival, where in the regular season the balance stayed on the side of New York. So don’t let go of your places that we will bring you all the details from Boston in MARCA Claro USA.

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