Ximo Puig’s message about the public’s return to the stadiums

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, insisted this Tuesday that the de-escalation and the relaxation of any restriction must take into account the situation of each autonomous community, before the possibility that the public return to the football stadiums in the last days of LaLiga.

“Be very careful, you have to be very reasonable and prudent”, has defended journalists, recalling that the Valencian Community has been for six weeks with an accumulated incidence below 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants compared to other regions above 300-400.

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Puig, after acknowledging that “we are moving towards normalization” Thanks to vaccination, he has asked that the end of the state of alarm scheduled for May 9 be prudent for “not to insult all the efforts of the Valencian society”.

From there, he has assured that “any progress within health security” will be positive, but he has advocated because it is “absolutely acclimatized” because the evolution of the virus is very different in Spain.
The Valencian president has given as an example the recent outbreak in the Ausi├ás March residence hall, with one hundred infected, that “recklessness” has consequences and that “the virus is there and has not gone away.”
He has also defended the “certain de-escalation” started this Monday in the Community with the extension of the hours of the hotel and trade sector until the curfew at 10 pm. “We bet on prudence”, he summarized.


In terms of vaccination, Puig has trusted that the current rate will be maintained thanks to the latest doses received from both Pfizer and AstraZeneca, Moderna and Janssen, with the forecast that all those over 60 years of age will be vaccinated before the end of May .

He reiterated that all vaccines that reach the Community are administered as quickly as possible to “accelerate” normalization: “The great objective is to overcome restrictions and have a summer as normal as possible, because it is being very hard and people He deserves it, from the social and even psychological point of view. “
“We have to get to summer well to achieve economic and social reactivation,” begged Ximo Puig after his visit to a community of irrigators in Benferri (Alicante).

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