Work stoppage persists in the Major Leagues and jeopardizes spring training

The players and owners of the teams do not reach an agreement and...

Lace negotiations to end the work stoppage in the Major Leagues do not register progress after a contentious meeting that lasted nearly 90 minutes.

The players presented a proposal with two changes: reduce the plan to allocate the reserve fund for pay players who are not eligible for salary arbitration, from 105 to 100 million dollars, and cut the number of players affected by service time manipulation.

The owners will respond to the union, possibly this week. But it is evident that it will be very difficult for spring training to start on time, on February 16.

In a sign of the impasse, the players’ association has begun distributing money from a lockout fund to players.

The first day of the season is scheduled for March 31 and they would have to reach an agreement in late February or early March to start on time. This would give players time to comply with COVID-19 protocols. and three weeks of training and exhibition matches.

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