With a pure homerun, the Atlanta Braves finish off the Astros and are World Series champions

TOIt took tlanta 26 years to see the Major League Champion Braves again but they have finally succeeded. With a pure home run, Soler and company defeated the Houston Astros 7-0 to be crowned in the 2021 World Series.

Tonight’s triumph has a first and last name: Max Fried. The Braves starting left-hander hung zero throughout the full six innings he worked from the mound and victory was scored.

The Astros lost all the offensive power they did show in the Championship Series to the Boston Red Sox, especially Yordan Álvarez, who could only connect two hits in the entire World Series.

Speaking of designated hitters, it appears that the covid did nothing to a Jorge Soler who was relentless and he was the one who opened the scoring in this sixth game with a three-run full-back stick who not only circumvented the fence, but disappeared from the park in the third entrance.

For the fifth roll, Dansby Swanson also found the ball and sent it flying, taking Ozzie Albies ahead. to increase the difference. To top it off, a clean double from Freddie Freeman brought Soler to the plate for the Braves’ sixth run in the same inning.

Freddie Freeman hit a solid ball all over center field and blew the wall for the game to go 7-0. and kill some inoperative Astros at the key hour.

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