Who will be the starting pitchers for Game 3 of the series between the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros?

Eduardo Rodríguez vs José Urquiy, the game 3 pitchers duel ...

ANDl left-hander for the Boston Red Sox Eduardo Rodríguez will be the starter of the third game of the American League Championship Series before the Houston Astrosmanager Alex Cora, who left right Nick Pivetta available for the fourth game or in relief work, if necessary.

The Astros will send to the center of the diamond on Monday Mexican José Urquidy.

Rodríguez finished 13-9 with a 4.74 ERA. this season after being absent all of last year for a heart condition related to the coronavirus. He is 0-1 with 5.40 earned runs in these playoffs., with two starts against the Tampa Bay Rays in the Division Series; he allowed two runs and retired just 5 enemies in Game 1, then went five innings in which he gave up two touchdowns and three hits in Game 4, in which Boston secured its ticket to the championship series.

Rodriguez faced the Astros twice during the regular season, admitting a .351 batting percentage and six runs per game.

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