Who is the highest paid coach in America? The list that reveals the secret of Belichick’s contract

Lyou New England Patriots and Bill Belichick They have had a long history in the NFL, the coach has achieved six Super Bowl rings, but it was always kept secret how much ‘The Monk’ was making.

Magazine Sportico revealed the secret, by issuing his list of 25 highest paid coaches in the United States, in a list that Belichick heads as the only one who earns more than 15 million annually, surpassing Gregg Popovich of the NBA, Pete Carroll of the same NFL and Nick Saban of the NCAA.

According to a study published by Kurt Badenhausen of Sportico, the best paid coaches in the country are in football and pr a lot, since between the NFL and the NCAA they occupy 17 of the 25 positions, no presence of the NHL, MLB or MLS.

Bill belichick He will turn 22 at the helm of the Patriots in 2022 since coming to the franchise in 2000, where he has become one of the best coaches in league history. Win $ 18 million a year. They follow him Pete Carroll with 14 million like Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints. In fourth place is Andy Reid with 12 million a year and Gregg Popovich of the NBA is the one that completes the top five.

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