When Major League Baseball and other sports did not play full seasons due to strikes and lockouts

The MLB and other leagues in the United States that played seasons...

Lto The 2022 Major League Baseball season will not start as scheduled. After negotiations between the players and teams failed to reach an agreement, the MLB campaign will not start on March 31 and he faces a reduced year due to labor issues.

This will be the second time in three seasons that Major League Baseball will not feature a schedule of fewer than 162 games. Only, unlike 2020, this time the pandemic has not forced the meetings to be put in the freezer.

What happened with the MLB joins the great amount of history that American sport has experienced over the decades. From football to basketball, seasons have repeatedly been affected by work stoppages.

One of the main problems is what happened in 1982, when the NFL suffered a strike by the players at the end of the second week. The problem lasted up to 57 days and duels from week 3 to 10 were cancelled. Of 16 games they ended up only playing nine and before the short season it was decided to make a postseason contest with 16 franchises.

While one of the most remembered work stoppages was the 1994-95 strike. That occasion has been the longest stoppage in the history of the Major Leagues with 232 days and the World Series of 94 was canceled; there was also no postseason. It was the second time in history that the Fall Classic was not held and the first time since 1904.

While basketball in the United States suffered a historic work stoppage. Everything happened after the NBA and the Players Association did not reach an agreement for the collective agreement. As a result, once the closure was over, 50 duels were played and the season began until February 2, instead of November 3.

Later, the NBA experienced another bitter moment with the strike in 2011. It was also unleashed after the union and the teams did not seal the Collective Bargaining Agreement. When the dust settled, the league cut its season to 66 games and started until Christmas.

Finally the NHL has experienced one of the toughest work stoppages in the history of the sport. After the owners and the players could not sign an agreement. It also became the first league in the history of the United States that could not have a campaign due to lack of a labor agreement; in such a way that the 2005 Stanley Cup title had to be abandoned, something that had not happened since 1919.

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