“We have to learn,” Saras said in the first person

The disappointment is enormous. We know that with
in shape perhaps another rooster would have crowed in Cologne. We know that a Mirotic He choked on another final, which
did not have his night, that the arbitration seemed sponsored by Turkish Airlines and that
Barça has not had a way of stopping them for a long time. They can be excuses, explanations or regrets, or all at the same time, but the reality is that the Barça fans are screwed. Proud of the team, but annoyed because not even the best squad in Europe was not enough to win a final that was tied 4 minutes after the cruel honk. After the match,
he was slow to speak. When he did it in the mixed zone, he pulled his hair out for the details of those last two turnovers that squandered everything and insistently repeated that “we have to learn.” It’s okay that you used the first person to include yourself. In the direction of the team, with his excessive nerves and his angry protests, it seemed that he infected his players to be more aware of the refereeing than to make good shots. We also didn’t understand why
, second baseman for the year, only played 7 seconds. Nor why
, who had defended marvelously in the first quarter, did not reappear until the final stretch of the game. We all “have to learn.” Also to better manage a final.

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