Wandy Peralta comes to the Yankees instead for Mike Tauchman

The Dominican Wandy Peralta arrives at the New York Yankees.

Lyou New York Yankees entered the exchange market, taking over the Dominican reliever on Tuesday Wandy Peralta and a player to be named later in exchange for outfielder Mike Tauchman, whoever leaves for San Francisco.

It will be the third team in Las Mayores for Peralta, after three and a half seasons in the Cincinnati Reds. In September 2019 he was taken off waivers by the San Francisco Giants, with whom he played 10 games in 2021, with a 2-1 record and a 5.40 ERA.

Peralta becomes the third left-handed reliever in the Yankees bullpen, behind closer Aroldis Chapman and Justin Wilson.

Tauchman had his best major league season in 2019, hitting .277 with 13 home runs and 47 RBIs, although he did not hit a home run in the 2020 season or 16 plate appearances in 2021. He had a clause that prevented him from being sent to the alternate team and was competing with Brett Gardner for being the main substitute as outfielder for the Yankees.

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