Wade Miley signs fourth no-hitter game of 2021

Wade Miley pitched the second recorded no-hitter in the majors in the past three days, and the fourth this season, for the Cincinnati Reds to beat the Cleveland Indians 3-0 on Friday night.

Miley (4-2) drew on curves and her experience of more than 11 years in the Major Leagues to tie up the Indians for Cincinnati’s first no-hitter since Homer Bailey’s in 2013.

“It’s surreal,” said the 34-year-old pitcher.

The Indians they’ve been hit and runless twice in a month.

The left handed Miley had to wait for the start of the game 83 minutes longer than expected, due to the rain. He ended up joining John Means, who had had a no-hitter Wednesday against Seattle.

Those performances were in addition to other pitching gems recorded in 2021, which is turning out the year of the no-hitter.

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