Vladimir Guerrero Jr, the youngest All-Star Game MVP

Vladimir Guerrero Jr is the MVP of the MLB All-Star Game.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr was tonight’s favorite in the All-Star Game and thanks to his home run before Max Scherzer, who helped the American League win for the eighth consecutive game on MLB All-Star Game, was crowned MVP.

His performance earned him the recognition of the night in Denver, that with his 22 years and 119 days he became the youngest player to achieve it since Ken Griffer Jr did it in 1992, at 22 years and 236 days.

The home run in the second inning was 468 feet, the longest in the past 10 years. From there the AL did not give up the advantage to get the victory. Warrior won through a fan vote after going 1 of 3 with a home run and a pair of RBIs.

Also, he had a moment when he stole the reflectors when pulling out a 111 mph hit that went over Scherzer, who managed to dodge it so that they would hug each other laughing at what happened.

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