Vildoza: “Facu recommends things that will help me”

Luca vildoza, the latest Argentine talent to embark on the NBA adventure, declares himself excited to live this adventure, a few hours after joining the discipline of the New
Knicks. The hitherto player of Baskonia, on an interview for He confesses that he is receiving good advice for his premiere.

“Facu recommends things that will help me, I try to listen to him,” he says. Vildoza in reference to his compatriot Campazzo, now in Denver. “He has been there for months and having colleagues there gives me support knowing that I can talk to them at all times. There are always ups and downs and we need to talk to people who are in the same league. Having them as companions is something unthinkable and I’m going to enjoy it ”.

Regarding what his contribution to the New York team can be, he says that he will submit to whatever the coach needs. “I know it is not easy, they make a lot of physical and athletic difference,” he assures in relation to the players. NBA. “They get everywhere before. I will try to take advantage of the virtue of the shot and increase the percentages, because that’s where it is to put it or put it. I will try to take advantage of my aggressiveness in counterattack and then do what the coach says and respond to it. My points or assists will fall ”, he adds.

Vildoza assures that he had no doubts when the option of joining the Knicks: “You know that it comes now and then it may never come again. It is always a boy’s dream to play in the NBA and well, since it started to sound I talked about it with my parents and they supported me at all times. My idea was to leave after this season. But you know you can come back and I don’t regret the decision ”.

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