Vettel, disqualified from the Hungarian GP: Sainz takes the podium and Alonso, 4th, achieves his best result since 2014

Carlos Sainz, at the Hungarian GP

Carlos Sainz, at the Hungarian GP
Carlos Sainz, at the Hungarian GP

Carlos Sainz has added its fourth podium in Formula 1 several hours after the celebration of the chaotic Hungarian GP, which remains determined to enter the history of the competition as one of the most grotesque in history.

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, in their duel at the Hungarian GP

Epic victory for Ocon in the grotesque Hungarian GP thanks to Alonso’s teamwork with Hamilton

The Spanish rider, who had initially been fourth, has gained a position thanks to the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel, 2nd, for a technical irregularity. Specifically, German and Aston martin They skipped article 6.6.2 of the technical regulation, which establishes that all pilots must deliver a liter of fuel from their cars at the end of each race. The four-time champion’s car has only been able to get 0.3 liters.

Everyone from second to back has gained a position: Lewis Hamilton becomes 2nd, Carlos Sainz 3rd, Fernando Alonso 4th … In the case of the Asturian this result is not only the best of 2021, but the best of the last five years: not finished that high since the 2014 Singapore GP.

It is Carlos Sainz’s second third place in Formula 1, but neither of them has celebrated it on the podium. The first was that of Brazil 2019, when he finished 4th initially but hours later Lewis Hamilton was disqualified. The driver at McLaren at that time could celebrate it on the circuit, but this has already caught him out.

In his first year at Ferrari, Sainz has already added two podiums, since this he is joined by 2nd place in the Monaco GP. The jackpot is still missing: a win.

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