Verstappen’s shocking radio in the accident and his anger with Hamilton and the British fans: “Disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior”

Verstappen gets out of the car after his accident at Silverstone

Verstappen gets out of the car after his accident at Silverstone
Verstappen gets out of the car after his accident at Silverstone
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The accident of Max verstappen in the first round of British GP it’s going to bring a tail. Not so much because of the physical consequences of the Dutch pilot, since everything has been a tremendous scare, but because the attitude of Lewis hamilton both during the race and afterwards they have made the victim of the incident very angry.

Verstappen crash

Brutal accident of Max Verstappen after an epic fight with Lewis Hamilton at the start of the British GP

Verstappen was taken to a hospital near Silverstone to undergo a CT scan and various tests to confirm that he had not had any type of injury. The medical protocol was followed, which is activated when an accident exceeds 10 Gs of force on impact. Verstappen’s reached the 51, based on the sensors of your Red bull. You just have to listen to their grievances for pain the radio after the accident.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his British GP victory

Did Hamilton’s punishment for the Verstappen crash fall short? “A race should be suspended”

From the hospital itself, the Red Bull driver tweeted about what happened and his words predict a very tense season with Hamilton, who Despite this incident, he won the race and now there are only 8 points of difference that separate them..

“I’m glad to be well. Very disappointed to be eliminated like this. The penalty they have given does not help us and does not do justice to the dangerous action that Lewis took on the track. I watched the celebrations while in the hospital, it’s disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behaviorbut we move on, “he tweeted.

Predictably, this will be the beginning of an escalation of rivalry that can have very difficult moments in the 13 races that remain.

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