Valencia will play a Euroleague place with Bourges and Schio

The Valencia Basket a place will be played in the group stage of the Women’s Euroleague before him Tango Bourges Basket French and the Basket Schio Family Italian, in the preview of the tournament.

The Euroleague made public this Wednesday the general format and the teams participating in the tournament and included Valencia in Conference 2 along with the third-placed in the French league and the second-placed from Italy.

As reported by Valencia, the tournament will be played from September 21 to 23 and the winner of this group will access one of the two places at stake for the group stage of the top European competition.

The FIBA has not reported the venues of the qualifying tournaments nor the specific format of the same beyond that they will play all against all.

The two teams that do not win the tournament will play the Eurocup, the championship that won the Valencia last season.

The draw for the order of the matches in the previous phase and the composition of the groups in the next phase, for which they are already classified Perfumeries Avenida Y Spar Girona of the Endesa Women’s League, will take place on Thursday, August 19 in Munich.

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