Valencia is entrusted to its ‘Fonteta version’ against Real Madrid

The Valencia Basket will be entrusted this Tuesday to his ‘Fonteta version’, much more competitive than the one he has shown in these playoffs as a visitor, to try to defeat the Real Madrid and thus be able to force a third game in the semifinal of the Endesa League that they dispute.

The team of Jaume ponsarnau, as it happened in the second quarterfinal match on the court of the TD Systems Baskonia, showed a notable inconsistency in the track of the Madrid this Sunday and suffered a deserved defeat that now forces him to win so as not to be eliminated.

The intimidating presence of Edy tavares in the zones is an obstacle with which the Valencia He already had and that he knows that he can only deactivate with the open shots of his ‘five’ but on Sunday new problems appeared to which he must find a solution in order to have a chance to win.

Despite the numerous casualties of the team of Pablo Laso, especially in the base position, the lack of mordant of Valencia prevented him from setting the pace of the match and that should be one of his first goals in this second clash.

In the absence of knowing if Pablo Laso can recover a player, Madrid only has the young Carlos Alocen (20 years old) and the very young Juan Nunez (17 years) as game directors but after showing ineffective their plan that they were the ones who were wrong, Valencia will have to increase the pressure on both.

The Valencia you will also need to improve your defense over Fabien Causeur, which as it happened with him also escorts before him TD Systems Baskonia Goran Dragic, He became a benchmark scorer of his team before the facilities with which he found.

Furthermore, the intensity of Usman Garuba in the position of ‘four’ it generated another ‘hole’. The lack of consistency of Derrick Williams could lead to Ponsarnau to recover the youth for the rotation Jaime Pradilla as a complement to Louis Labeyrie, as he did in the final stretch of the first meeting.

The appearance of Pradilla Y Saint Emeterio, who had not played in recent games, opens the door for the coach to change a rotation that had stabilized at ten players, with these two on the bench and Vanja marinkovic Y Josep Puerto out of the call.

As has already happened in their last three games at La Fonteta, all of them resolved with triumphs, Valencia will once again have the support of its fans, although with a capacity reduced to a maximum of a thousand spectators, as happened in the third and final I meet before him Baskonia.

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