Utah’s experience and effectiveness prevail in the win against Memphis

The Utah
Jazz are a couple away from closing their first-round tie of playoffs after winning last night in Memphis in a game much more even than expected. The Grizzlies, which were slow to plug in, ended up putting the regular season leaders in trouble although they ended up falling for 121 to 111.

Utah came out like a shot early on, aware that a win in the FedEx Forum it meant leaving the series on the brink for Memphis. The first quarter, with a sensational 24-22 partial for the Jazz, made clear the intentions of the visitors and what would be the intensity level of the night.

Utah outsiders scored easily and Rudy
Gobert he was getting big in painting. Little by little, Grizzlies They entered the match and managed to match the Jazz’s bet for the rest of the match. However, this was not enough in any case to take the victory.

MitchellA priori completely recovered from his injury, he finished as the top scorer of his team and the match, scoring 29 points despite a bad series of triples and watching his minutes, remaining in just 30 played.

The great protagonist of the Jazz last night, after Mitchell, was Mike
Conley. The veteran Utah point guard went up to 27 points, scoring 7 of 10 3-pointers attempted, and distributed 8 assists to lead the attack of Quinn

Between his baton and the leadership of Gobert in the zone, Utah dominated the court. The Frenchman finished with 15 points, 14 rebounds and 4 blocks, practically without failure in the launch. His inner presence conditioned everything for some Grizzlies that crashed over and over again.

This time he failed Ha
Morant be differential. The Memphis star point guard scored 28 points but had, along with Jonas
Valanciunas, the worst plus / minus of the team, accumulating a differential of -22 on the court. The Jazz continually found a response against him and failed to surprise them.

Brooks, which has been doing a sensational series, it was once again up to the task. The very young forward of the Grizzlies He went back to 27 goals and was one of the positive sides of the team.

Both squads will meet again in a couple of nights, with Utah looking to close the tie and the Grizzlies who will try to make it go back Memphis, at least one last time.

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