Unstoppable Booker! Break Gobert’s waist in this magnificent play

It is not easy to beat the Top Defender Candidate of the Year in an attack play, much less make a fool of him. That he did last night Devin Booker when broke Rudy Gobert’s waist during the overwhelming victory of the Phoenix Suns over the Utah Jazz by 121-100 in the duel of leaders of the Western Conference.

In the last moments of the third quarter, Booker faced the Jazz inside player in one on one, He threw him two breaks and left him stumbling while he irretrievably sank triple with the DPoY candidate totally sold out.

The game only confirms the excellent form of Booker and the Suns, which if they finish the course tied for wins and losses with Utah they would be the first classified in the West and the best record in the NBA this season.

Phoenix hadn’t traveled to the playoffs in 11 years, and they can do it as first classified … almost nothing.

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