Tyson Fury is “sick of living” and admits to taking “a lot of cocaine”

“I don’t train anymore. I’m depressed, I’m fed up with life.” With these words, the British heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury explains the postponement of his fight against the Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko, in an interview in which he admits having taken “a lot of cocaine” due to his problems. “Cocaine is something small compared to the fact of not wanting to live,” says the boxer in the interview that appeared on Tuesday in Rolling Stone magazine, five days after the revelation by the US chain ESPN of his positive control to the cocaine, after a urine test on September 22. “I am in the last. I cannot take it anymore. I am in the hospital at the moment. I see psychiatrists. They say that I am bipolar. I am manic-depressive,” he says. “Honestly, I don’t know if I’m going to finish the year. I only hope that someone kills me, before I kill myself,” declares the controversial holder of the WBA and WBO belts. “I have done many things in my life. I have taken a lot of cocaine. A lot,” he admits. “Why not take cocaine? It’s my life, right? I do what I want. Yes, I have. Many people drink,” says the 28-year-old boxer. Following these statements, the federation that governs professional boxing in the United Kingdom (BBBC) announced on Wednesday that it was going to analyze a possible suspension of Fury, at a meeting scheduled for October 12. – The federation “cannot ignore the law” – “Cocaine is against the law. We cannot ignore the law. It is about drug use and we must act accordingly”, warned the general secretary of the instance, Robert Smith, questioned by the British Press Association. On September 23, the Briton had announced that he was giving up his new fight against Klitschko, claiming to be “unfit to fight”, in medical terms. Scheduled on October 29 in Manchester, the rematch between the two men was highly anticipated: Fury, 28, had defeated Klitschko to points in general surprise in Düsseldorf, Germany on November 28, 2015, winning all three. WBA, WBO and IBF belts. Later, he was stripped of the IBF title for agreeing to a rematch with the Ukrainian instead of accepting the challenger designated by the International Boxing Federation. On Monday, the unpredictable Brit had announced his withdrawal on Twitter, before retracting a few hours later, claiming to have joked to the media. The interview with Rolling Stone took place before this hint of withdrawal. Highly controversial for his statements stigmatizing women and homosexuality, Fury had been provisionally suspended on June 24 by the British Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) after the detection of a prohibited substance in his urine in February. The suspension was lifted pending a hearing on November 4.

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