Txell Alarcón renews with Campus Promete

Escort Txell
Alarcon has renewed with the Campus Promises, from Logroño, for the 2021-2022 season, which will be her first year as a senior player, although she already knows what it is to play regularly in the Endesa Women’s League.

The Campus Promete, of the Women’s League 1, has indicated this Tuesday, in a note, that Txell Alarcon (Barcelona, ​​2003), who is one of the fixed players in the calls of the Spanish training teams, will provide “outside shooting and scoring”.

Alarcon last season he played 25 games with the Campus
Promises Endesa Women’s League and obtained the best percentage in the league from beyond the line of 3, 56.4% and averaged 5.1 points and 1.2 rebounds.

“I am very eager and excited to face this year,” said the player, about whom the coach of the CD Promete first team, Cease
Aneas, has expressed his desire that “Txell can continue to grow within our project and continue to burn stages as a professional player”.

He added that, “slowly but surely, Txell he has to be one of our referents in the outside game “.

The general manager of the club, David
Martin, has defined Alarcon as “talent in its purest form” and believes that “it will be one of the sensations of the League.”

It has had an impact on the fact that it is relevant for the club that she is the first player in the Promete Residency Program who becomes directly part of the squad of the Women’s League as a professional player.

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