Tsitispas, public enemy number one in world tennis

Tsitispas, public enemy number one in world tennis

Stefanos Tsitsipas has become public enemy number one in world tennis this year. The fault lies in some verbal confrontations that he has had with other players on account of the supposed connection with his father and coach, Apostolos, during the games, apart from his controversial trips to the bathroom, long and on repeated occasions. The latest player to criticize the 23-year-old Greek and world number three is Fabio Fognini. The Italian addressed Tsitsipas at the end of the Indian Wells third round match, and after losing to him, to recriminate him for having received instructions from his father from the stands. “Two against one, he’s always talking,” he told her. “I couldn’t hear him,” replied the winner, who played last night against Alex de Miñaur in the second round.

The fact is that Stefanos has a long history of discussions with colleagues, who had their most famous start in Miami 2018, when Daniil Medvedev, current number two in the ranking, assured that the Athenian had called him “Russian shit” “Do you think that’s normal?”the Muscovite asked the judge. Before, they had exchanged a few words under their breath. “Look me in the eye; come on, look at me!” Daniil told him. Tsitsipas grabbed her bag and left the court. “He’s a little boy who can’t fight!” Medvedev fired angrily.

Alexander Zverev also accused Tsitsipas and his father of coaching during the Cincinnati Masters 1,000 a few months ago. The German assured that Apostolos sent instructions to his son by mobile. “He is with it all the time. He always does it, in Paris it was the same,” he snapped at the judge. Tsitsipas was in the bathroom. During the US Open, Andy Murray was very harsh in talking about Tsitsipas, who beat him after losing the first two sets and going to the locker room. “I have lost all respect for him,” the Briton said of his rival, who has often been disrespectful to referees. In Monte Carlo, last April, he told Gabas: “You are a shame. Go to the Futures, where you really must be.” Even Rafa Nadal, who does not usually have problems with anyone on the circuit, has suffered with the tricks of the winner of the 2019 ATP Finals. The Balearic’s uncle, Toni, attacked him in one of his columns of The country: “Tsitsipas is undoubtedly a brilliant player and as such we expect him to win without using any tricks that he can take advantage of. Obviously he doesn’t need them. I don’t think any fan of our sport can imagine Roger Federer or Rafael looking for extra-sporting shortcuts to achieve victory. “

Machismo and vaccines

In addition to defending himself at all costs after his controversies on the track, sometimes with little success, as when he said he needed to take his time in the bathroom, but “not as much as women”, Tsitsipas also feeds them outside of it. The Hellenic, who participated at the time in campaigns to fight COVID, he sometimes stated that he is not a supporter of vaccination. In fact, his participation in the Australian Open, which will require tennis players a complete vaccination certificate in order to play, was doubtful due to his refusal to protect himself against the disease until he decided to receive it a few days ago. Among the few teammates who understand Stefanos’ attitude is Novak Djokovic, who dedicated a fiery defense to him in the semifinals in New York. It so happens that the world number one, who came back from 0-2 against the Greek in the final of the last Roland Garros, is not in favor of vaccines either.

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