Trevor Lawrence, the star looking to shine in Florida

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Trevor lawrence is called to be a star in the NFL. One of those players destined to be selected # 1 global. The pick that you can not miss, in the style John Elway, Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck. It will be necessary to see if it reaches those levels.

Lawrence is 1.98, the same height as Justin Herbert. In addition to being a good size, he is mobile, similar to John Elway or Josh Allen.

Some experts compare him to Andrew Luck for his size, strength, and athleticism. He is very accurate throwing in the bag but can also run, dodge tackles and throw the ball.

Lawrence had a record 34 wins and two losses in three years as a starting quarterback at Clemson. His .944 percentage is the third highest among quarterbacks with at least 30 starts in Division I. And although he underwent surgery on his left shoulder, he surprised locals and strangers on his pro day.

Only time will tell if Lawrence makes the comparisons count and enters the select club among the best in history.

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