Tremendous anger from Popovich to a journalist: “While I speak, you shut up”

Gregg Popovich has an irascible character and also does not cut a hair when it comes to saying what you think. After the defeat of the United States team against Australia, the second in a row on his friendly tour In preparation, the coach of the US team exploded against a journalist in the press room.

Veteran San Antonio Spurs coach, who faces his first Olympic Games as coach of his country, wanted to answer a question addressed to Damian Lillard to blame the journalist for “disrespecting” the other teams and for not letting him speak.

“Are you going to let me finish my statement or not?”Pop snapped at the journalist, who wouldn’t let him finish the sentences. “While I speak you shut up, and then I will listen to you.”

The technician, who took almost a minute to silence the reporter, proceeded to give his opinion on the question of the same: “When you say something about beatings about other teams, you are disrespecting those teams in the first place., and I already told you in the past ”.

“We have had very tight matches against four or five countries in the past, so good teams don’t get beat up, they just happen sometimes. In general, no team beats up another. When you say it like that, it seems that way, and that is wrong ”.

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