Top 10 trade deadline moves: Yankees add bats, Cubs sell-off, Padres lose Scherzer to Dodgers …

The changes of the trade deadline: Scherzer, Rizzo, Baez, Gallo ...

The deadline for exchanging players in the Major Leagues was reached on Friday, since the league brought forward the transfer of players one day to avoid that the date was spliced ​​with the evening games of the weekend.

Names like Joey Gallo, Anthony Rizzo, Max Scherzer, Trea Turner or Javier Báez were some of the most important movements within the movement period that culminated at 4:00 p.m. ET, so the squads are ready to reinforce the weakest points of the season that are still in play.

After the league obtained in 2019, lhe Dodgers want to remain one of the favorite teams of the present and that is why they added both Max Scherzer and Trea Turner to their ranks despite the fact that the San Diego Padres also wanted their services. The Nationals definitely have a different plan for this season and they let the players go without much trouble.

Shortstop Javier Báez needs to pass the pertinent medical examinations to make his arrival to the New York Mets official with the intention of improving a defense who has shown limitations in recent months and with this signing Francisco Lindor will have a new replacement until he recovers from his injury, after this Baez could cover second or third base on the diamond.

Kris Bryant left Chicago and will now wear the San Francisco Giants jersey thanks to the batting .267 with 18 home runs in addition to 51 RBIs throughout the season, but that were not enough for the Chicagoans to want to keep it.

Another of the great movements of this exchange was that of Craig Kimbrel who went from the Cubs to the White Sox in a deal involving Nick Madrigal and Code Heuer, as Chicago led interested the 23 saves and 64 strikeouts of the current season.

The Americans Rizzo and Gallo were among the most talked about names in these last days of exchange, while Gallo arrived last Wednesday, Rizzo, for his part, signed almost at the last minute with the New York institution.

Gallo is hitting with numbers of .223 in these last months of season, plus a .490 of slugging with a 74 bases by ball that puts him in the first place of the statistic. Just being a great player, the transfer involved Grenn Otto, Ezequiel Duran, as well as Josh Smith and Trevor Hauver. Rizzo, for his part, had a deal with the Yankees after his former team could beat Alexander Vizcaíno and Kevin Alcántara, two young Dominicans who paint for the future.

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