Tom Brady mocks Salvador Pérez after paying bet and Mahomes comes to his defense

Salvador Pérez had to dress as Brady.

Sequal the repercussions of the Super Bowl that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals catcher Salvador Pérez had to pay a bet this Tuesday.

The player He jumped to the warm-up of his team with the Tom Brady jersey, something that was not to his liking and pointed out: “Patrick Mahomes is the best” on video posted by the Royals.

The historic NFL quarterback who took home a new championship ring last February picked up the video and wrote: “Nahhh, I think actions always speak louder than words. “

Mahomes was not silent and he also took to his Twitter account to respond to Brady with a challenging phrase that has given us something to talk about: “I guess we’ll see it in 20 years.”

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