This was the impossible basket of Jrue Holiday with the match tied

Holiday was a vital part of the triumph achieved last night by the Milwaukee
Bucks. The point guard was sensational and his pulse did not tremble at the moment of truth, as he demonstrated with this basket to last hoop in the fourth quarter.

With the score even and everything at stake, Holiday he took this magic trick out of his hat to put ground between his team and the Hawks. Just minutes later, the Bucks had their ticket at NBA Finals.

In the absence of Giannis Antetokounmpo, both Holiday and Khris
Middleton They took a step forward last night, charging their team behind their backs to lead a vital victory in Bucks history.

Now, Bucks Y Suns will dispute the NBA Finals starting this next Tuesday. Neither has been in the title playoffs in more than 40 years, but their seasons have well deserved a ticket to fight for the ring.

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