This was the accident of Hamilton and Verstappen that left them out of the Italian GP

Hamilton and Verstappen crash at the Italian GP

Hamilton and Verstappen crash at the Italian GP
Hamilton and Verstappen crash at the Italian GP
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Surrealism was the protagonist in a Italian GP that already remains for the history books of Formula 1. After the clashes between Hamilton and Verstappen They lived their most tense moment in the British GP in which a touch between the two sent the Dutchman against the wall, the sword duel in Monza has ended with both headdresses.

Hamilton and Verstappen accident

Verstappen and Hamilton crash serves McLaren a historic double on a platter in Italy

After a horrendous pit stop by Verstappen, when he was running second, Hamilton did not take long to do the same, trying to take advantage of the delay of his rival. The British He left the pit lane coinciding exactly with that of Red Bull, which was closely following Lando Norris’ trail, and there was already a glimpse of another confrontation between the two.

However, the duel barely lasted a couple of curves until a touch of wheels ended the Verstappen car on top of Hamilton’s Mercedes, forcing both of them to withdraw from the race. However, the Briton did not want to give up, but his attempts to back down to rejoin were in vain.

After the departure of the ‘safety car’, the panorama remained suitable for the Mclaren, first and third at that time, they will take their first win since 2012 they made a double podium, which ended up being in the first and second position, occupied by Ricciardo and Norris, respectively.

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