This is how Micić celebrated the Euroleague title with La Casa De Papel’s ‘Helsinki’

The celebration of Anadolu
Efes on the court he had a special guest last night. Among the players, coaching staff and all those who make up the Turkish team there was a well-known face in our country.

Is about Darko
Peric, the actor who embodies the character Helsinki, in the series The Money Heist. Peric, who is of Serbian descent, is a self-confessed basketball fan and has been seen at various events and tournaments in recent years.

Last night, after Efes’ victory over Barça, Peric went down to the pitch to celebrate with Vasilije Micić, compatriot of yours. Micić had just been named the Final Four MVP and they both got to sing in your mother tongue, leaving a curious video for posterity.

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