They refused to play for two positives in the rival team

Final seizure in group III of Preferred Regional as a consequence of the very complicated situation derived from the positives for COVID. The last conflict came after Manises refused to play their match on the last day against San Marcelino, who were still opting to play the promotion play-off, a decision that was finally resolved by giving the game a win for the San Marcelino 0-3, although the result has not affected the final classification because Utiel also won in Barrio del Cristo and will retain second place.

The events were triggered on Sunday when San Marcelino arrived in Manises and confirmed (he had previously communicated via e-mail) that the day before (Saturday) two of his players had tested positive and that on Friday they were all training together. The whole of La Rambleta communicated that they had contacted FFCV and from the organism they had been urged to play the game as they did not have the minimum number of cases that requires suspension (which is four) and in this situation Manises He asked if the players who had moved had a negative CRP. San Marcelino answered no, because they had no obligation, and it was then that Manises decided not to play the game, according to its president Manuel Regalado, in order “not to put the physical integrity of its players at risk.”

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San Marcelino had previously seen how their match against Quart de Poblet was postponed due to infections also in the rival team, which after two consecutive suspensions accumulated three games in five days (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) in the final stretch of campaign being involved in the fight to avoid relegation.

From FFCV they indicate that a protocol was strictly followed at all times that has been accredited that it has worked during the season and that it has been supervised at all times by a doctor.

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