There will be a minimum of 3,000 spectators at the Fonteta for the Eurobasket

The Spanish Basketball Federation confirmed this Wednesday through its president Jorge Garbajosa that the Valencia headquarters of Eurobasket 2021, which will be played between June 17 and 27 in Spain Y France, will maintain a capacity of 3,000 spectators in the Fonteta for the initial phase and that it hopes that it can increase something for the final phase.

“Right now we are at 3,000, communication is super open with the administrations and especially with the Generalitat and we aspire that the evolution continues to be good in general for society and the Valencian Community and the city of Valencia and to be able to aspire to something more, ” Garbajosa in statements to the media.

“Hopefully we can improve a little, especially in the final phase and that there is that sporting pull that also allows us to offer quality games to more spectators, but we are very satisfied,” he added.

The criterion of allowing up to 3,000 fans in the Font de Sant Lluís pavilion was established weeks ago and has not been affected by the change in regulations that made, for example, the Valencia
Basket had to reduce from 1,500 to 1,000 the maximum capacity in that same scenario for their last matches of the League

Garbajosa, who said that the rate of ticket sales is “very good, he was very grateful for the effort made by public administrations in this regard.

“I want to thank him because having three thousand people in a pavilion when a little, a very short time ago, it was zero, it is to be very proud and the fans are responding,” he concluded.

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