The Yankees comply at the close of the season, but the Red Sox triumph leads them to Fenway Pak

Lyou The Yankees delivered at the close of the regular season after winning a tight 0-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. With the win, New York quietly secured the wild-card spot, but will keep the taste of going to Fenway Park after Boston’s win.

After they were denied triumph on Saturday, the ‘Bronx Bombers’ had to avoid any shock to win first place. But in a streamer duel, zero prevailed throughout eight full reels.

The relief in the Big Apple reached the ninth low, when an Aaron Judge single helped power Wade and blew up Yankee Stadium. With that, any nervousness about going to extra innings was dispelled.

East The result was a 92nd win for New York, but they had yet to wait for Boston’s result. The Red Sox hit shrapnel in the ninth inning, and with two runs, he finished with his 92nd win as well. But enough to finish with first place in the wild card. Now they will collide at Fenway where the winner will go to Tampa Bay.

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