The Verstappen and Stroll accidents that decided the Azerbaijan GP: two blowouts at over 300 km / h

Max Verstappen, after his accident at the Azerbaijan GP

Max Verstappen, after his accident at the Azerbaijan GP
Max Verstappen, after his accident at the Azerbaijan GP

The Azerbaijan GP was marked by two very similar accidents, although of very different protagonists. First was Lance Stroll and then Max verstappen, but they were practically traced: both were blowouts at more than 300 km / h in the middle of the straight.

Sergio Pérez celebrates his victory in Azerbaijan

Pérez takes the victory of Azerbaijan with a final blowout from Verstappen, a blunder from Hamilton and a heroic 6th from Alonso

The first was Stroll. The canadian of Aston martin he started from the back of the grid after being one of those who crashed in qualifying. He decided to start on hard tires, to try to stretch his pit stop as much as possible.

Big mistake: after 31 laps, left butt popped and sent him against the wall. The violent accident caused the safety car to leave.

For the consequences that later had, worse was the Max verstappen. Although several drivers decided to pit to fit new tires (among others, Fernando Alonso) to avoid scares like Stroll’s, the leader not only did not decide to do it, but he began to pick up his pace to find the fastest lap.

Although I didn’t need to, because Sergio perez had Lewis Hamilton tightly attached, he squeezed so much that his left rear tire (same as Stroll) paid dearly: another blowout and another hit. In his case it was saying goodbye to a clear victory and a golden opportunity to increase the advantage in the World Cup.

In both cases they were going over 300 km / h.

This accident caused the race to be stopped so that it was resolved with two laps of heart attack, in a final that Pérez won over Vettel and Gasly.

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